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Vulcan Descaler

Certifications of Quality

UL Approval

UL logoUnderwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an international institution for safety and quality based in Illinois, USA. The UL-mark signifies that UL has evaluated and tested the electronics within the product to ensure that it fulfils strict guidelines for safety. All switching power adaptors for Vulcan comply with international standards and meet these safety requirements.


Ul Letter

vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

The German TÜV/GS

TÜV LogoThe TÜV is an independent German institute that determines product reliability and safety. The TÜV/GS mark indicates that a product has passed tests, follows the TÜV/GS’s strict guidelines and is certified for safety in accordance with the “German Equipment Safety Law.” The GS mark includes regular factory inspections and certifies system quality in the production process. The law requires frequent assessment by inspectors to asses whether or not the manufacturer can maintain the production specifications. During factory inspections, quality system inspection, quality system implementation, the production environment, and other tests related to production and measurement equipment are assessed.

TÜV letter

vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

CE Approval

CE LogoThe CE mark indicates that a product meets German and EU consumer safety, health and environmental regulations. “CWT hereby declares that this product is operating in accordance with the following EU guidelines: 73/23/EG; 89/336/EG, which are certified by the CE-mark. The equipment corresponds to the requirements of the German Industrial Safety ACT and European low-voltage guidelines.”

ce letter

vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

Certificate of Origin: Germany

IHK LogoThe CO (Certificate of Origin) officially indicates the country in which goods originate. In Germany, this certificate is issued by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK). It indicates German origin after a comprehensive investigation as to the origin of each of the product’s individual parts and the production site in Germany.

ihk letter

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