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Vulcan Descaler

Vulcan descaler referencesVulcan Descaler References and Studies

Vulcan Reference Book

In this Book you will find a selection of different Vulcan installations and references from private home owners up to commercial and industrial installations.

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Residential Installations

The piping system, water heaters, washing machines and other appliances are protected.

Commercial Installations
Restaurants and food production, hotels and spas, hospitals, schools and universities, sport arenas, gold clubs, fitness clubs, ice stadiums, exhibition centres, laundries, tool shops, garden shops, agriculture...

Industrial Installations
Aluminium industriy, chemical manufacturing, packaging and moulding industry, car industry, food industry, maritime and cargo industry, refineries, waste water treatment, ...


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vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

Cooling Towers - References and Studies

As scale does not evaporate with water, it quickly accumulates in the towers and clogs up the system. This causes malfunctioning and high expenses for maintenance. Vulcan achieves a significant reduction of scale deposits. Bleed water is no longer toxic and bacterial contamination is minimized. In addition, with Vulcan, the cooling tower can be operated at higher cycles of scale concentration, minimizing water usage.

These references and studies show the positive Vulcan effects on Cooling Towers, Chillers and Heat Exchangers.

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Dzesēšanas torņa režģis


Dzesēšanas torņa režģis
vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

Scientific Study:
Physical Water Treatment - How it Works
by Dr. Ing. H. Jühnke

The devices cause that calcium hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)2 turns out as calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which is electrically and chemically neutral in water. The CaCO3-crystals are special because they do not crystallize as sticky-structured crystals but form a smooth structure ...

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